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The design of IMAX Searchlights is based on many years of experience and extensive research in the field of professional Marine lighting. Carefully selected materials are used to ensure maximum performance, low maintenance and a long troublefree life.

The perfect combination of mirror/reflector and lightsource is determined through advanced computermodels. Instead of aluminium reflectors, often used in conventional searchlights, IMAX uses brilliant mirror/reflectors, heat resistant, made of superclear glass to achieve the maximum reflectivity of 92%!! A clever ringfilter prevents glare and straylight.

Every part of the IMAX Searchlight is of course protected against the environmental circumstances at sea. IMAX mirror/reflectors maintain their superior brilliance during many years.

Mounting the IMAX Searchlight is easy.
On the cabin-controlled versions IM290C and IM290CP, the length of the controlmechanism can be cut-to-size during installation, saving time and money.